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If you have filed any claims with your current WC carrier, please advise how many and amounts paid, per policy year.

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Does the company own, operate or lease aircraft/watercraft?

Any past, present or discontinued operations involving the storing, treating, discharging, applying, disposing, or transporting of hazardous material?

Any work performed underground or above 15 feet?

Any work performed on barges, vessels, docks, bridge over water?

Is applicant involved in any other type of business?

Are sub-contractors used? If yes, please give % of work subcontracted in additional comments at the end of this form

Any work sublet without certificates of insurance?

Is a written safety program in operation?

Any group transportation provided?

Any employees under the age of 16 or over the age of 60?

Any seasonal employees?

Is there any volunteer or donated labor?

Any employees with physical handicaps?

Do employees travel out of state?

Are athletic teams sponsored?

Are physicals required after offers of employment are made?

Any prior coverage declined/cancelled or non-renewed in the last 3 years?

Is there a labor interchange with any other business or subsidiary?

Do you lease employees to or from other employers?

Do any employees predominately work at home?

Any tax liens or bankruptcy within the last 5 years?

Any undisputed and unpaid workers comp premium due from or any commonly managed or owned enterprises? If yes, please explain below.

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Disclaimer Notice – The premiums quoted are estimates based on information you provided. This quotation does not constitute a contract of insurance, nor does it provide coverage for any loss or claim. Coverage can only be bound by an agent with a signed application and a down payment.

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